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Nov. 15th, 2007

wow i have not wrote in this for a LONG ASS time!! so lets seee hmmm
things have been crazy lately., .. not crazy just alot of stress mostly in the work area.

if no one knew already i got a promotion at work, i am now the new assistant manger . yay!!! lol
but of course with that comes stress and people pissing me off, but i can deal with it for now i just might kill someone late.
anyway also some news i work with butterball now. lol i find that funny

on other news if no one knew derek and me got back together and things are going good , and it feels like we didnt miss i step, it feels like we were never apart to begin with i love him, and i know like some people are saying like wtf? but it's just what my heart was telling me.

if anyone wants to come and take picture you should deff do , i mean it, if you want i will even take your pictures for you. and i kick ass lol
really though seriously come on it's christmas think about a nice family picture for your mom or for your grandma or b/f or anything or just for the fun of it.
ok so once agian i know i don't update alot,
so since i have been seeking colleges and ever college i go to dosn't take my credits and i always end up sad.
so i have a few choices
---i can either go to a college and start all over and go for another 4 years
----move to boston because in boston is another gibbs that does BA degrees and thats the only place that does it.
--- or just not go to school all together amd find a full time job and start my life.

so right now i am applied to rutgers and i am going to find out how many credits they will take.
honestly i don't want to go to school for another 4 years but i guess if i have no other choice.

all i know is my dad is being a pain about it, it keeps bugging me, and there is nothing i can do i put in all the paper work, all i can do is wait now. i cant make the school go any faster.whatever everytime he comes home i just want to leave. my parents just don't think i do anything when really all i do is work or stay at home with my mom and help her out.

oh god work!!! work as been pissing me off, well not work in general but the people init. so again i have someone stealing my tips and again people are being lazy and not showing up for work for no good reason and i have to take the extra hours but the extra hours i do take are BS and piss me off.
OH GET THIS!!! the new people that have only been working there not even a month get paid more then i do. and not like a few cents more but alot more, and i have been there for a year and i must say i am WAY better then they are. first i am not lazy and second i know how to do my job right!!! so wtf? i need a new job, i love my job but i can not stand whats going on. HELP!!!

ANYWAY-- so i spent thur with shane, and i must say everything is perfect with him. his very nice to me and treats me with respect and everything. i love being with him, and it sucks that i only see him a little at a time, but you know what it's great either way. i am glad i am with him, and we will be together for a long time. i hope! even though his computer broke and we can't talk as much , but we text each other. all i know is his worth it!

mu new hair color.. and my new shockey shirt

have not updated in a long time

so i know i haven't been updateing but now i am .. lol
so lets see whats new.. hmm
well i dyed my hair, i am now a red head.. well orange red, i like it.
i am not starting school until jan. i don;t think it's a big deal but i do kinda of miss it.

OH!! i also applied for a job as a graphic designer and so far it is looking good. they said i seem like i would be good , i justhad to answer questions and stuff but we will see how that goes. more money.

eveything with shane is great he is awesome, and so sweet. he makes me feel so loved, and great!!!
he is coming this sat to have dinner with my family i just hope they don't scare him away.
remember when i said i want someone to make me happy 24/7 he does it!! we do not fight or even come close to it, it's nothing but great times, he gives me everything i need and want.
so i can not wait to see him sat,beleive me i miss him, he lives far but his so worth it.;

Aug. 13th, 2007

so i havn't posted anything i awhile .. i think
ok so update on my life right now.
umm summer is almost over and it is almost time for me to go back to school. which really sucks and i am scared because it is a new school and all that. so i dk
i don't know any of my classes or even when i start but we wil find out soon i hope.

----work is going ok i guess, people there are pissing me off but when does that not happen.
i have work tomorrow 10-5, and then after words i don't think i am doing anything. as far as i know.

ANYWAY so i on to the good stuff. lol
so friday Shane picked me up from my house and we spent the whole weekend together. which was awesome. we went to the movies and he made me eggs, then the next day we went shopping for bed sheets, and went to his sister house. then went back to his house to watch movies. he watched beauty and the beast with me. whichwas super cute and i know it sounds corny but it meant alot to me. then the next day we went out to eat and on the way of him taking me home he asked me if i want to be his girlfriend. sooooooooooooooo..... lol i said yes.
i like him alot and the weekend with him was awesome and his a great guy. he makes me laugh and to me thats what i need in my life right now .. is someone like him.
i am just going to take things slow and not rush it, and have fun with him. and yea he does live far.. a little. but you know what it could be good for me. Maybe this way i won't get so close to fast, and i will stil lhave time for friends and for me and school.

so it sucks he lives far because i don't get to see him as often and i miss him, and all that stuff.
but like i always say----:

so yea bed time for me.

Jul. 21st, 2007

so i have decided no more relationships for a long time, that i am not going to get into another relationship unless i am head over heals for the person, or i found someone really perfect.
because i am soooooooooooooo tired of drama with boys.
all i want to do now, is hangout with my friends.

SO MEGAN AND AMY.. we are hanging out like soon.. i mean sooon!!!!
i am going to hang out with who ever i want, and have fun and live it up.

so..this is my list for the rest of the summer


1.hang out with megan and amy
2. go to the beach with them
3. go to the movies with whoever
4.just have fun
5. go to toms river to see eddy
6.whatever else i want to do.

i do my list is crap right now, i just want to have fun. and find out how to get to toms river, and what exit it is. lol

Jul. 10th, 2007

so i don't think i told everyone.. but if i did i am sorry i am telling you again because i don't remember.

i graduated!! i got my degree and i am taking the summer off and then going to another school. u would be going to the school now but it doesn't start till the end of the summer so that is why i have the summer off.
here are some graduation pictures. !!

happy late 4th of july!

i hope everyons forth of july was good.
mine was really good
even though it rained and i didn't get to go see lots of fireworks.
i had fireworks at my house and people were shooting them off around my neighborhood. (sp?)

so yesterday was awsome ,and relaxing and took my mind off of some stuff.

I graduate tomorrow!! yay with my degree.!!! hahahahahahahaha! i am mucho happy..can you tell.! i have to find shoes for my dress..mwahahahhahahaahha!

pictures from yesterdays. -- click to make bigger

i look ugh anyway!
so for all who didn't know derek and me broke up.. we still have been fighting and yelling at each other so i don't know if it will work out.

i am tired fo guys all they do is make trouble, mess your your head, and feelings, and then flip out on you.
or they always think that you are mad, and always ask the same thing why are you mad.. when your not.

i am just tired.

i need to find a nice , cute, guy and someone who knows how to treat a person and make her happy.
and i don't mean make me happy once inawhile.. I MEAN ALL THE TIME..
i am tired of dealing with assholes.

so yesterday was Derek's birthday BBQ
i spent the whole day busting my ass and getting everything ready.
the party was great i had fun, Derek said he had fun and the people they came said they had fun.. and everyone said i did a good job.. since it was my first real BBQ that i threw all by myself.

but then around 10:00 when everyone left awhile ago and i put everything away. two of his friends show up wanting him to drink when he just had alot at the party.

not even that but they were like.. oh when did the party start. acting all stupid when they knew what time it started. so i was pissed about that because i busted my ass and spent money on food for them not to show up and just show up at 10:00.

other then that the party was good. i am glad the people that did come had fun.. now i just have extra food but thats ok because i got Derek a grill for his birthday so we can have a BBQ again.

also my mom got to meet his brother and his brothers wife. i think they got along. i know his brother and my dad did because they were talking alot.. so i am glad at least they get along.. :)

well i am in class ..and then later on i have work.. so i d k .. i am hoping to get out of work.. grrrr..

Thur and Friday i have off though.